The MAG-EUBAMA S-8 is the high-performance rotary transfer machine that was specially designed for medium- and large-scale batch production. With their short manufacturing times, high precision and reliability, they contribute to greater efficiency in the machining industry: A workpiece is produced with every passing second – no matter whether up to 15 machining operations, transverse machining operations or end machining operations on both sides are required. 


  • Modular, highly stable construction
  • Start-to-finish machining in a single clamping step
  • Flexible production concept for large-scale batch production, workpiece families or workpieces in varying forms
  • Extensions to meet specific requirements
  • Machining across the entire workpiece length


  • Hydraulic feed with NC control
  • Clamping ring plus clamping jaws can be completely changed without the need for additional adjustments
  • Control shaft with electronic encoder and digital display for freely programmable controls (incl. continuous degree specification)
  • Spindle units with slide guides
  • Tapping unit with NC control
  • Chip conveyor with large cutting oil volume
  • Electric cabinet firmly mounted on the base frame with protected cable connectors and plugs


  • Number of machining units (horizontal/vertical): 10/7
  • Max. clamping diameter: 18 mm
  • Max. workpiece length: 150 mm
  • Max. output (cycles/min.): 80 (160 in double production)
  • Feed control: Curve/hydraulic/hydraulic CNC
  • Machine control: PLC/CNC
  • Stroke: up to 35 mm standard, up to 130 mm custom
  • Drilling capacity (in steel/brass): Ø 8/10
  • Threading (in steel/brass): M 8/10
  • Indexing time: cycle-dependent

Machining units

  • Horizontal units that machine both sides of the workpiece at the same time
  • Vertical units for transverse machining perpendicular to workpiece axis
  • Machining units for all types of machining operations as well as for non-cutting operations such as flanging, rolling, thread forming and thread rolling
  • Machining units for mounting or for testing procedures with good/reject sorting


  • Hydraulic control
  • Mechanical control
  • CNC control
  • Combined control types

Material feed

  • Automatic material feed via coil or bar loader with high-performance aligning devices
  • Parts are fed via vibratory conveyors or handling systems


  • PLC control with swiveling control panel 
    • Multilingual display
    • Plain-text error messages
    • Piece counter
    • Adjustable preset counter
    • Retrievable time measurement
    • Hard-wearing membrane keyboard