MAG-EUBAMA and the rotary transfer principle: a fascinating story in which a vision, perseverance and engineering spirit play the leading roles to this day. 

Back in 1957, a team led by pioneer and EUBAMA founder Eugen Bader developed the rotary transfer method. A revolution. The owner-managed, forward-looking and innovative company has been leading the way in the field of mechanical engineering and the machining industry ever since. 

Revolution with constant evolution 
Our customers are the ones who benefit most from our manufacturing solutions, which have been perfected thanks to constant refining and enhancement. As a result, they can reap the rewards of minimum unit costs and high-precision, start-to-finish machining of the widest range of workpieces and this is exactly what spurs MAG-EUBAMA to always keep going. Companies from various industries, both large and small, know that they can always rely on rotary transfer machines from the original in Rottweil.

Why we, as the original, don't make it a priority to talk about "precision".
Because it is a fundamental prerequisite for our machines, and a given for both our customers and us. 

Why we, as the original, talk about other things besides "innovation".
Because it goes without saying that an inventor knows his or her invention best – and it comes most naturally to him or her to constantly improve on it. 

Why we, as the original, don't talk about our "tailored" products and services in concrete terms.
Because we know the technology inside out, have virtually no staff turnover and largely supply long-term customers – delivering custom products and services is simply par for the course.