Forging the future

MAG-EUBAMA GmbH & Co. KG is continuing the operations of Eugen Bader Maschinenfabrik, the inventor, optimizer and visionary of the rotary transfer method for the world of machining – a true pioneer in the field of mechanical engineering. As a southern German “Mittelstand”-enterprises and key supplier of the globally known flashlight manufacturer MAG INSTRUMENT, we and our long-term staff believe in engineering spirit, future-proofing and customer satisfaction: Each individual does his or her bit to ensure that our modular rotary transfer machines have no rival when it comes to machining options, cost-effectiveness and reliability.

More than just a machine supplier
We don’t just build machines – we supply systems. That’s because we tailor all of our manufacturing solutions to your specific requirements. Gain your crucial competitive edge now with the lowest workpiece manufacturing costs and maximum-precision machining – second for second, workpiece for workpiece, order for order.

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