The right solution for every machining operation: Thanks to its start-to-finish machining in a single clamping step, the particularly flexible MAG-EUBAMA S-6 rotary transfer machine is incredibly cost-effective. As each company has its own production specifications, the S-6 machine concept offers a wide variety of customization options:

  • When it comes to small and medium batch sizes, the S-6 can be retooled quickly for specific applications.
  • When used in large-scale batch production (up to several million workpieces), the S-6 stands out with its reliability and machining speed.


  • Optimal for all production tasks up to 40 mm in diameter and 450 mm in length
  • Modular, highly stable construction: standard machine base for a variety of manufacturing solutions
  • Perfectly designed for a wide range of workpieces
  • Start-to-finish machining in a single clamping step
  • Ideal for smaller, frequently changing batches: the combination of precision, the power of the rotary transfer process and a CNC control


  • User-friendly machine design to save time during setup and production
  • Quick-change machining units
  • Up to 15 horizontal plus 5 radial machining units for complete 3-side machining in a single clamping step
  • 2-jaw chuck, collet, bridge-slide system
  • 8 clamping stations with centrically clamping 2-jaw chucks
  • Short cycle times (the longest machining time equals the total machining time)
  • Movable unit carrier (right) for different workpiece lengths
  • Quick-change tooling system
  • Possible combination of different control types
  • Recessing and contour turning during material feed


  • Number of clamping stations: 8
  • Number of machining units (horizontal/radial): 15/5
  • Max. clamping diameter: 40 mm
  • Max. workpiece length: 450 mm
  • Max. output (cycles/min.): 40 (80 in double production)
  • Hydraulic clamping system
  • 2-jaw chuck
  • Collet
  • Bridge-slide system
  • Stroke: up to 130 mm
  • Feed control: hydraulic/ball screw
  • Machine control: CNC Siemens 840 Dsl
  • Min. clamping plate indexing time: 0.3 s
  • Optional remote maintenance


  • Hydraulic control for medium- to large-scale batch production 
    • Short retooling times thanks to continuous adjustment of feed and rapid feed speeds by means of hydraulic valves
    • Adjustment of feed and rapid feed paths via easily accessible micrometer screws
  • CNC control for small and medium batches, as well as for workpiece families 
    • High flexibility and short retooling times thanks to continuous adjustment of feed and rapid feed speeds
  • Combined control types 
    • For special machining requirements, e.g. workpiece families

Material feed

  • Automatic material feed via 
    • coil
    • Bar loader 
    • Single part feed
  • Flexible and fast: Changing from bar loader to coil and vice versa takes only 20 minutes


  • Excellent accessibility to all setup and retooling devices
  • Complete change of prepared clamping jaws on clamping plate and easy precision fixing of clamping jaws
  • All preparatory work ahead of retooling can be done outside the machine
  • Well-defined separation of the working area from the rest of the machine to provide a clear overview
  • Free access for precise, time-saving setup
  • Machining units can be changed safely and quickly